Hello West Dorset!

9 Aug

Recognising the value of artists sharing knowledge and information with their peers, this new radio show will record ‘Creative Conversations’ with local ‘movers & shakers’ in West Dorset. As we lead up to 2012 and the Cultural Olympiad. The resulting podcast will be a subjective record of these conversations. We aim to involve practitioners, artists, policy makers, and commentators in debates about the arts sector, funding, creativity, etc.

I’ll experience conversations, while evaluating what is being said and take in our surroundings and be critical of our situation. How do we take part in the world in a way that is both responsible, but also has an impact on the world?

Many artists maintain a practice despite lack of exposure. This show will seek out local artists and discusses how they situate their work and critically develop their practice outside of the conventional ‘London centric’ art system. The show will value artists sharing knowledge and information with their peers. It will highlight work being done by practitioners that supports artists career development.

I see these encounters as fostering creative exchange and celebrating the independent forces that animate contemporary art.

If you’ve come across anything initiated by artists for artists which relate to you think the local community would find interesting or useful – be they blogs, websites, online video’s, get in touch and we’ll share them here.

Or if you can think of any person I should be talking to around around art, culture, or the economy, let us know who they are and we’ll see if they would be willing to contribute to a future show.


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