creative conversations 5

14 Nov

Welcome to episode five of creative conversations. This week I talk to Alan Rogers, Cultural Coordinator as part of the Weymouth and Portland 2012 Operations Team, at Weymouth Pavilion.

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We start off by hearing about the person behind the job title and find out about Alan’s career path. Starting off at Barnsley College of Art, and onto BA at Exeter moving back to Sheffield joining Yorkshire Art Space in early 80s. Getting a place at Glasgow School of Art and doing an MA there. He then went onto to do a number of residencies around the world, mainly as a painter.

Ending up running the art education department at university Wales. Eventually working in Italy, where he ended up for 10 years DJing, painting and curating shows about light.

Alan’s past jobs have involved a lot of collaborations, a lot of working in groups and with other artists. Then applying and getting the job in Weymouth. All he has done now helps him in the job here.

Is Weymouth and Portland a cultural vacuum?

Do people who live here, or move here, have different expectations around what art and culture they want in the area. Are they happy with the current state of play?

Stasis for Alan is the middle of Dante’s hell. Stasis is a not productive form to be in. Whereas creation is to re-build something. That creation comes out of destruction.

A lot of the projects Alan has been working on are non-evasive. The laser lights on the esplanade are the biggest piece that will outlast his stay here.

I ask how Alan balances getting named artists that will attract a larger audience, a greater viewing number, against funding smaller, upcoming, local artists in their practice. Alan says that the South West have taken a different approach to London’s cultural Olympiad programme in that they have not employed big names, but people who can engage other people.

Next week we can hear the rest of my conversation with Alan, when we discuss building in sustainability in the incredibly precarious career of artists practice.

To hear more of Alan’s DJ mixes go to:

I hope you will find this new show on art, culture and the economics of being an artist in Dorset interesting and engaging. I welcome your input to future episodes.


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    […] I talk to Alan Rogers, Cultural Coordinator as part of the Weymouth and Portland 2012 Operations Team, at Weymouth Pavilion. […]

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