14 Dec

I’ve taken a break from my creative conversations this week to put together this soundscape made up of field recordings around Fleet.

This work is part of an ongoing audio exploration to capture my local environment and ties in with the conversations I have been capturing. http://51degreesnorth.bandcamp.com/album/fleet-lagoon

This month I again had great difficulty in capturing the extremely peacefulness of this special place. Capturing the quietness is proving to be quite a challenge in these soundscapes.

The field recordings that make up this soundscape were recorded near to the village of Fleet that lies close to the lagoon of the same name. This area was made famous by the novel of smuggling by J. Meade Faulkner, “Moonfleet”. Beyond the Fleet is the famous bank of Chesil Beach where treacherous currents and a strong undertow (you can hear some pounding of the waves onto the beach in the distance in some recordings). Amongst the diverse range of animals, birds and plants, the Fleet is probably most famous as the home for swans and you will hear them feeding early on in the piece.

Latitude 50.618979, Longitude -2.523662


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