Top Websites and Podcasts of 2011

22 Dec

It is that time of the year!

After sending out a request for a list of interesting websites artists and arts organisations in Dorset regularly visit, I was not surprised to see that not only is there a lack of gallery spaces in Dorset, but we also do not have any web resources of note here in the South West.

So here are my top sites worth checking out.


Top of my list and for your alternative Christmas viewing I whole heartily recommend you check the incredibly rich collection of avant-garde art housed at; Run with no money, Ubu has succeeded by breaking all the rules, by going about things the wrong way.

UbuWeb is as much about the legal and social ramifications of its self-created distribution and archiving system as it is about the content hosted on the site. Ubu proposes a different sort of revisionist art history, one based on the peripheries of artistic production rather than on the perceived, or market-based, centre. It features sound, visual and concrete poetry, work that crosses boundaries and why they just say they are a repository for the “avant-garde”

Sonic Fields – Audio Field Recorder’s Blog. For those interested in the art of  field recording. Here you can find information about audio recording equipment and about techniques. Recommended posts are The Trials & Tribulations of Field Recording – A Beginner’s Guide

Joe Moran’s blog on the everyday, the banal and other important matters. Joe is a cultural historian focusing on the very recent past, with a particular interest in the everyday.

Dr Felicity Ford online journal, the domestic soundscape where you can find thoughtful posts on everyday sounds, knitting and wearing wool. Full of uplifting creative content and of Buttons, Badges, Bright Shiny Things.

Third Floor Gallery is an independent charitable gallery in Cardiff, Wales, run by photographers and a group of committed volunteers. This is an inspiration for what can happen given enough dedication and hard work.

walk2012 – a project that aims to walk from Portland, where the sailing events are being held for the Olympics, to the Olympics stadium at Stratford in east London. The basic challenge is that the walk should start after the opening ceremony, and finish before the closing ceremony. A long distance walk that just about anybody could take part in while the “real” Olympics was on.

Tumblr, just because I think it’s brilliant. A great social media site, where, with help from friends and contacts, the chaos of Tumblr is arranged for you into a constantly updated website. I use it a bit like an electronic sketchbook, where I can post field recordings, photos, videos, bits of text and posts from elsewhere on the web.


I have gone through my podcast subscriptions and selected three that have most relevance to this show.

Gene Pool produced by Martin Franklin at the Digital Media Centre in Bracknell. Is a Arts & Culture Talk Show, with invited artists, curators, funders and industry professionals. Influenced the style and creation of this podcast. Strongly recommend subscribing to this.

Hackney Podcast, with an ear on local stories and arty endeavours from Hackney. Though it is not very local to us down here, well worth listening to for their production values and how they put a story together. Not heard from this one for six months now, but you can catch up on the back issues.

Packed Lunch podcast from Wellcome Collection is a series of lunchtime talks. The Packed Lunch podcast allows you to listen to their lunchtime talks, where they have local scientists in conversation about their latest experiments, life in the lab and why science matters to everyone. Some great episodes where you can hear people talk about the everyday aspects to their work. A lot more organisations should use this format of record their events and issuing as podcasts for those who can’t get to them.


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