3Priiises vol4

14 Apr

My work has been included on another album release – 3Priiises Vol.4 featuring Kris Limbach, Flavien Gillié and Joe Stevens. Three Field Recording tracks has been released on net label Earsheltering


3priii4ses album cover

Christoph “Kris” Limbach, Flavien Gillié and Joe Stevens have put together an awesome joint album comprising of field recordings.

“Zanshin Particles” by Christoph “kris” Limbach, a sound artist living in Berlin, whose work for filmmakers has a significant influence in his current field recording and improvisation based sound art.

“La pelouse devient jardin” by Flavien Gillié is a recording from the Occupy Brussels movement in Saint-Gilles (Brussels, Belgium) in June 2011. Where a temporary garden was created on what was an inaccessible lawn. This recording is a montage of what happened during those days.

“Hospital waiting” by Joe Stevens capture moments in time and different spaces within the hospital environment. For him these field recordings unfold the beauty of what appears to be something commonplace.

Download all for free at; http://archive.org/details/earsheltering059


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