Choice blog: Callum Monteith on Joe Stevens

2 Dec

I have just come across this lovely review of the show and this blog over at Artists Newsletter website;

 Not sure if you can read this without a subscription so have posted it below.

There is freshness in reading Joe Stevens’ blog Creative Conversations. This stems from the engagement in a layered dialogue in which his blog acts as a space for him to document and reflect upon his radio show with the same title.

In talking about the activities related to his radio show, we get an insight into the different stages of discussion that he is involved in and his exchange with the contributors. The documenting of this process and the blog as a whole, clearly logs the process from his initial discussions, to editing and through to production.

Through this we witness the positive effect that it has upon the author, evident in his progressively refined approach to both his activities and personal reflection. By logging the events within two spaces, radio show and blog, the outcome is that we now have a multi-faceted discussion in itself. No longer are we solely focusing on the information within the radio show, but the whole action of discussion.

I found it interesting to read a blog where both the information that was dealt with and the tools that were being used were analysed in equal measure. It communicates a real awareness of action and it’s gain, as it says in the title, how his conversations fuel his creativity.

Callum Monteith is an artist and a Co-Director at Superclub Gallery & Studios, Edinburgh. Visit Callum’s website


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