creative conversations 2013

12 Jan

I have some great conversations recorded and ready for me to edit together. My aim is to put out a weekly, 30min show. Some of the conversations have been recorded over the summer of 2012, recorded in Weymouth and Portland during the Olympics and Paralympics. Some of the conversations I have had since the Olympics have left town. My aim is to put out 10 shows and I hope you come back weekly to listen to the shows being streamed from this site, or that you subscribe to my podcast.

The conversations I have lined up so far;

  1. Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust
  2. Mark Dunhill
  3. Paul Soulellis
  4. Popup Dorset
  5. Artwey
  6. ExLab
  7. Rikki Sorbie
  8. Jim Cooke
  9. DIVA contemporary

(they won’t necessary be played in this order)

Olympic build up

Before talking to them I start the show by trying to explain myself a bit; talking about where these shows started from, of how last year I was interested in the coming Olympics to the town and about the large sum of money that would be around to pay for the cultural Olympiad. I was intrigued to hear how local artists might see this; how might it effect their practice; what legacy did they envisage it might leave.

I was surprised at how many other people found these shows at all interesting, as I’d primarily made them for myself and didn’t think many people would want to listen to thirty minutes of artists talking about themselves, but people did! I found them immensely rewarding to do and personally forged many new connections, and was always glad to hear that other people did as well.

I’d always intended to go back and do these shows again, to try and talk to the people and organisations I recorded shows with previously, along with having new conversations with some of my new contacts. This I have now, finally, getting around to doing!

You can stream the show above, or download Creative Conversations (right click (or Ctrl click on a Mac) on this link to download and select Save Link As). Alternatively subscribe to our podcast, or subscribe via iTunes to have it automatically appear in your inbox.


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