23 Jan

Just editing a new edition of my creative conversations and have remembered one of the reasons I love doing this project is not just the luxury of having these exclusive 1-1 conversations, but in that they are recorded I can go back and re-listen. I can stop, rewind and hear again something that was said. This I find is a great luxury.

The other rewarding aspect, which isn’t really captured in the show so much, is the rambling conversation where I struggle to articulate my thoughts. How the conversations can go off in strange directions, depending on what people are telling me. I am tending to edit out these rambling aspects, trying to make them coherent to some extant. In a way I suppose I’m trying to imitate a professional radio show, but at the same time I’m not as I wish to give people the space to discuss things in a slow, relaxing conversation. Rather than editing a number of people together into one show and selecting the best sound bites to use.

Putting a recorder between you and and another is a great creative exercise , that I heartily recommend.


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