Art audiences survey

17 Mar

I am very interested in looking at ways to attract an audience to contemporary art, especially in a rural context where audiences are spread across a large geographic area. I have found the reason why people do not attend events that do happen in the County is usually varied and can be hard to pin down. But I thought it might prove helpful to try and record some possible reasons and have created the series of questions below (plus you can add comments as usual at the end of this blog post).

Attracting an art audiences in a rural location

Generally I have found that possible reasons that have stopped people to attend exhbitions have fallen around a number of issues. One major consideration is around the distance people have to travel to get to any events and tied in with this is how people travel, as public transport is not as good as within an urban area and it can be difficult to get to places. The other major issue that comes up again and again in conversation is how people find out about events. That it seems there is a problem of getting the audience to hear about events. And then this is just half the battle as once you have informed your audiences, it is motivating them sufficiently for them to make the effort and attend. Which then brings up the subject of timings and when to stage the event/exhibition/talk. Events can be one-offs, or on for a very short time, and people can find it hard to fit it into their schedule.

We then come onto the difficult questions of the type of art event that are staged …

I hope you have the time to help with this survey and the results (which will be publicly viewable) of interest to you.

Audiences survey




These simple choose multi-choice questionnaires do give us some idea of what people might travel to see, but are very basic and so I’d welcome any additional comments you might be willing to share with us.


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