Planning series 3

29 May

As series 2 of my Creative Conversations draws to a close on soundArt radioFM I have started planning series 3!

I hope you have had a chance to listen to these shows. As I feel they are starting to be a valuable archive of the changing art world in Dorset. Personally it was really rewarding for me to go back and listen to conversations I’d had during the summer of 2012. It was also interesting hearing the different experiences people had of this Olympic period.

For this new series I’m looking to travel outside Dorset. I wish to explore a number of issues I have been grappling with in my practice and also as an art viewer. Specifically in the next series I’d like to hear about;

  • installations, especially in regard to sonic interventions. Also to discuss performance related work.
  • uses of digital technology in regard to gaining a wider audience for the work and in possible use of installations.
  • most importantly to discuss staging contemporary art events in a rural context. Of ways to attract audiences to out of the way places. This is an ongoing key question that was touched on in series 2 by some of the people I spoke to.

A few people I’ve approached so far have agreed going on record. These are

  • Martin Franklin at Bracknell Arts Centre – to discuss their experiments in live streaming & use of internet/new technology as a way to connect with an audience.
  • Joseph Young – Artist – to discuss performance and sonic interventions.
  • Helen Sloan, Director of SCAN
  • Dr Felicity Ford – to discuss her work at Oxford Brookes University and methods / strategies for recording everyday life in sound.

I’m planning on doing 10 episodes in this series and if you know of anyone who you feel I should be talking to and who’d be up to going on record please pass this onto them.  I am particular keen on speaking to John Hansard Gallery (a contact is currently following this up for me) and spacex in Exeter. If any of you have any contacts here I’d welcome the introduction.


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