Overview of Series 2 of Creative Conversation

26 Jun

episode 1 with Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust
I start this new series by talking to Hannah Sofaer and Paul Crabtree, who are central to Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust.

episode 2 The second part of my conversation with Hannah Sofaer and Paul Crabtree from the Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust.

episode 3 I talk to Mark Dunhill, who works with Tamiko O’Brien making exhibitions, installations and residencies. Combing art practice with busy schedule teaching. He is now Dean of Art at Central St Martins.

episode 4 I talk to the American artist Paul Soulellis during his b-side arts festival commission.

episode 5 I talk to Olivia Nurrish, one of the founding members of artwey, on their involvement with the Cultural Olympiad. 

episode 6 sees me talking to local artist Susan Hughes, who is also an artwey member.

episode 7 sees me talking to Carolyn Black, the than freelance producer for ExLab. We hear about the structure of Exlab and the seven commissions shown across Dorset over the summer of 2012.

episode 8 sees me talking to photographer Jim Cooke, during his exhibition, Riparian, he had at the Drill Hall.

episode 9 sees me visiting Richard Keenan, a founding member of PopUp Dorset. We hear about their exhibition at St George’s Church, and about PopUp Dorset’s structure.

episode 10 hear my concluding talk with Richard Keenan of PopUp Dorset.



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